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Soft Cover Notary Journals

Notary Journal Soft Cover
Soft Cover Notary Journals have a pliable cover that will bend with the pages of the book. Most of these journals have enough entries available for 200 + notarizations. View each journal by watching the Product Video and the specific entry information by clicking on Additional Images.
Some journals come with a thumbprint area which adds an additional layer of security by leaving a physical trail in identification of the signer. A majority of states require or strongly recommend that Notaries purchase and maintain a Journal or Record Book of performed Notarial Acts. Details are recorded in the event a notarized document is lost, altered, or if circumstances concerning the notarization are ever challenged in court.
Even though many states do not dictate how long you should keep your notary journal, it is recommended to do so in permanence. If you quit or retire from your job, you should keep your journals even if your employer may have paid all associated fees.
Notary Soft Cover Journals are a lightweight, pliable option to record all information relating to performed Notarial Acts!
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