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Xstamper VersaDater
'Received' Date Stamp

SKU: 66211
Your Price $53.95
Xstamper Stock VersaDater Set- The stock VersaDater includes the 8 year Line Dater and one stock Impression Frame. Frame copy prints in blue, date prints in red.

Impression Dimensions: 1-5/16" x 2-1/8" (copy area).

Perfect stamp for Accounting Departments, any business or even personal use.

Use Xstamper Refill Ink only. See below to add a bottle or cartridge of ink to your order.

Re-Inking Instructions:
Dater: Remove the dater from the impression frame and use an ink cartridge to put 3 to 4 drops of ink into the inking hole.
Impression Frame: Slide the cartridge out of the impression frame and place 3-4 drops into the openings of the frame.

Recommendations: Re-Ink your stamp overnight to allow ink to fully absorb into the stamp.

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